Saturday, December 3, 2011

Making Something out of Nothing

First, Let us define what TRASH is. It is unwanted or undesired waste material.
From that unwanted material we will make something that is useful to the environment or make something that is beautiful to our naked eye.

Trash to Cash

Here is a simple guide to do so:

1. Be Resourceful - Before throwing away of things like CDs, bottle caps, aluminum can, etc. you may collect, recycle, they might need that. Clean it first before storing them because they might have germs. It's better to save than to waste.
2. Be Creative - use your imagination and widen your mind. A simple thinking makes hundreds of ideas.
3. Be Innovative - being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before.
4. Be Patient - Time is the key of success. You cannot make thing in a nick of a seconds like magic.

My other topics will include some items that you throw away and make it useful.

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